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Gradetec reference in national steel grating market.

The company Gradetec founded in 2000 due to its credibility and trust towards their customers has quickly become a reference in the national steel grating market, support for pipes and hexagonal mesh.
The steel grating offered by GRADETEC is the most efficient and economical way to solve problems with metal floors. The steel grating has high mechanical strength, high corrosion resistance, easy application, adaptable to any project, providing lighting to the environment, and low weight per unit and hence low cost of the project; may be exposed to weather. The steel grating can be made of natural carbon steel, painted or galvanized fire; or also made of stainless steel or aluminum.
The manufacture of the developed and marketed by Gradetec steel grating is carried out according to each project to meet the needs of its customers and may have straight, circular shapes with cutouts and even footers. The surface of the steel grating can be smooth or slip-resistant (not smooth), meeting the needs of each client.

Quality and efficiency in manufacturing the steel grating Gradetec.

The success of Gradetec Company in the metal segment is in its constant technological innovation and modernization of the production structure in the search for quality and perfection of its services which has a team of expert contributors and dedicated to better serve and address the needs and expectations your customer with a steel grating design customized for your immediate satisfaction. The company Gradetec aims to ensure its clients respect, reliability, agility and service quality from the project development, sales negotiation to delivery of the final product, offering competitive prices and raw material of first quality tailored to the various projects thus providing a solid and lasting business partnership.

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